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Volunteer with Save Life Gambia

Changes we want

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help in our mission services and be part of our central team.

 If you have good skills and a little spare time, you could make a big difference to our small charity.

We welcome volunteers from both home and abroad - individuals, groups, families, cooperates, etc.



What do we expect from the volunteers?

To volunteer your time and skills with us physically or remote such that we can serve better hence reaching out to more people and communities in The Gambia.

We run six major programs, and you can always choose where you would like to help:

1. Community service 

Support Save Life Gambia on the pioneering ‘Safe Villages’ campaign to promote road safety in rural Gambia, where children and elderly are among the most vulnerable road users.

2. Education

Join our education officer and other volunteers to raise road safety awareness at schools in The Gambia. The primary aim of this program is to raise awareness to enable school kids to ensure their own safety without the elders’ assistance.

3. Youth empowerment 


Organize training and workshops for youth and school going children to raise road safety awareness. 

4. Environment 


Volunteer in our summer ‘Public Shade Tree Planting’ programs. Donate or plant a tree to reduce pollution exposure near Gambian roads. 

5. Sports & Health 


Run or bike for Save Life Gambia in campaign for road safety.



6. Community policing


Become a lollipop man or woman and support students and other pedestrians to cross busy roads without being hit or killed.

We're also looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Graphic design & video editing volunteers

Help to build, edit, and enhance our use of digital video. Assemble recorded raw material into a finished product that’s suitable for use online. 

Fundraising volunteers

Help create and coordinate fundraising events and assist with grant applications. Some experience in fundraising is necessary.

Digital marketing volunteers

Assist our Communications Officer to improve Save Life Gambia’s online marketing, develop and manage our social media handles. 

Copywriter volunteer

help to generate content for the website, social media, and press releases. Experiencing in writing (preferably copywriting) is necessary. 

What should you expect as when you volunteer with us?

How many hours in a day

At least 7 hours.

How many days a week

5 days a week

Voluntary duration

At least a week if one has very limited time. Maximum 3-6 months. You choose!

Any fees expected from the volunteer:
A placement fee of US
$100. Donations (cash or materials) are also welcome.

What you get from the host organization for free:

Airport transportation

(Pick-up & return)



(you will be staying locally with members of the host organization). Staying locally will give you an ample opportunity to socialize, learn and experience way of Gambian’s living in their respective communities.


Your host family will provide you with 2 meals per day (Breakfast & Dinner). Unless you choose to stay on your own and wish to eat your favorite meal in a local restaurant. We can arrange a cheap guest house closest to us but, at your own cost.


The cost for a local hostel can be at $30 to $50 per night. 



Site visits

Host volunteers shall take you to various places such as historical places in the community and its satellite environment during your leisure time.



Cultural experiences

Attend cultural events like dancing, naming ceremonies and marriage ceremonies, sports, and gardening. 

Host you every Sunday night (7pm to 9pm) for a Campfire at Bendula eco-friendly lodge at Batokunku.

Help you implement a special project you create from your heart to the community interested personnels. 



Certificate of completion 


Ready to join the team? Complete our contact form.

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